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Dad Leads to Us Faithfulness

If Noah led us to new beginnings, Abraham, his descendant through his son Shem, led us to faithfulness. The greatest threat to faith is fear. Fear of the unknown, Fear of getting out of our comfort zones, Fear of loosing our job, our pride, our ego! Fear of loosing our spouse, our loved ones, Fear of failing, Fear of being incompetent, Fear of being perceived as weak, Fear of being irrelevant, Fear of looking foolish, Fear of loosing our control over our situations, Fear about what tomorrow would bring, Fear of believing God, Fear of trusting His promises. Fear! Fear! Fear!

Just like Failures, people don’t want to talk about our their “Fears”.People would rather talk about their courage over their fears. It is highly unlikely for people to post their “fears” on their facebook accounts because of the fear of being perceived as weak. No one wants to appear weak, people would typically portrait themselves to be strong. But for us to be strong, we have to face our fears. So today, I’d like to talk to you about fear. Faith is what breaks the connection between fear and failure. Abraham is the father of faith.

He was so faithful that when God called him to go the land that he had never been, he just went without questioning. When his faith was put into a very hard test, he had proven himself worthy of the Lord's promise to become the father of many nations.

"Faith is what breaks the connection between Fear and Failure"

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