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Dad Leads Us to Responsibility

If Noah led us to new beginning, Abraham led us to faithfulness. Today I'll preach on the life of Jacob and how he led us to responsibilities. Who is Jacob and what can we learn from him? Noah through Shem is the father of Abraham, Abraham is the father of Isaac, Isaac is the father of Jacob, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel after wrestling with God. Jacob had 4 wives, Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah, And Jacob later on became the father of the 12 tribes. The Life of Jacob will teach us “Responsibility”.

When Father's Day comes around I asked myself, do I deserve to be honored? Was I a responsible Dad? No matter what happened in our past, they are all part of God's plan for each and everyone of us. We must now underestimate the law of cause and effect. As parents, we must keep in mind that we make a great impact on our children's lives, and that we must persevere until we receive the blessing.

The godly character that God wants us to build does not come naturally. We must constantly seek God’s wisdom, will, and purpose to really be a man who are equipped with the right character to guide their children.

"To become a good example, parents must first develop their own character"

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