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Together We Can Change The World

We are living in a very unkind world. With the growing sense of individualism, people are becoming less compassionate towards other people. We live in a time where forgiveness became a very difficult act, and people claims fairness by getting even. The story of Lizzie reminds us today of the kind of world we’re living in. Just this week a 10-year old hanged herself as a result of her cruel environment. We are nagged by this horrifying events around us that became so common these days.

You may have retracted to your own quiet shell hoping you’ll find peace. But no matter where you lock up yourself, the realities of your surroundings will hound you. You cannot continue to live in-denial about the things happening around us, you may for a while, but eventually it will come right back knocking at your doorstep. You may opt not to watch the news, but on another stream, the horrible things going on in the world you live in will creep on you. Without having to ask each and every one of you, I know that there is a small voice deep inside you crying out for a better world to live in. But we are paralyzed by the desperate situation of the world, and we tend to do nothing.

We sat on the fence and wait for others to do what God has called us to do. Thinking that our small acts will never make a difference. But in the letter of Paul to the christians in Ephesus (modern day Turkey), he spelled out some small acts, with big impacts! Kindness always brings us happiness. Compassion shall be our passion. We must forgive even those who are unforgivable and our lives shall represent God’s love.

“Small Acts with Big Impacts!”

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