Who is Your Father?

How do you feel when somebody tell to your face that, "you're wrong!"?😤.. It was game night, and you're playing scrabble with your group of friends when one of them lay his tiles on the board with a word that says "zychopantichism", everyone objected to it saying, "that's not a word!". To know the truth about this, you grab the dictionary to look it up if that word do exist. Thank God they have a dictionary handy, because "without the Truth, there will be Turmoil".

Individualism, Relativism and Secularism (IRS) led people away from the absolute truth of God. IRS leads to cultures collapsing, that leads to chaos. Everyday, 14 youth and children are murdered here in America. 326 youth are arrested for alcohol offense and 356 for drug offenses daily. 3,356 high school students drop out form school each day.  3,533 babies are born to unwed mothers every 24 hours. 135,00 pack their guns and knives when going to school each morning. America is now the leading producer of pornography.

We have more people in jail in America than in any other country. These are not just happening in America, last Tuesday (June 19, 2018), my 40-year old nephew, Mike Genova was gunned down to death in our hometown in the Philippines. Just like today, there was also chaos during the generation of Noah. In a world taken by evil, violence and corruption, Noah was a righteous man. He was the only follower of God left on earth. He was blameless among the people of his time. He was faithful and obedient. When culture crashes down on us, we must have the kind of resolve that Noah had. Let's Follow God even others do not. Let's Be Faithful even if others are not. Let's Instruct our children even they don't seem to listen.

"Father Be Ignited!"

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